Should I paint my pool?



e all know that to keep water clean and healthy, lots of chemicals are introduced to purify the water,  which turns swimming pools into mild chemical baths.

All concrete pools have steel reinforcement and it is very important to keep the pool water from reaching it. Such water penetration can lead to “concrete cancer” or corrosion of the steel work, which creates very concerning stains and can structurally damage the shell. This if not attended to, can result in astronomical bills.

Epotec being a thick coating offers waterproofing of the inner surfaces of the pool and will assist in keeping the pool water away from the steel. It’s largely water and vapour proof.

Should I paint my pool? 

There are several types of finishes for pools and spas. It makes the choice very confusing and complicated.What do we actually want from the pool surface?

  • Architecturally attractive and appropriate to environment.
  • Seamless
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable

The main products used are: Paints, Tiles, Fibreglass and applied aggregate surfaces such as Marblesheen, Pebblecrete and Quartzon types.

Although being an ultimate finish, most pool owners with a tiled pool know how impossible it is to replace failed ones, to keep tile joints clean and repair any leaks,  whereas epoxy coatings will make it so much easier. You can also change the colour to almost any shade you like, with not much expense.

Compared  to Rendered Type finishes (which cannot be refurbished easily),  paint has no rough surfaces to scratch the skin,

(very common complaint if you have kids in rendered type pools), it is so much easier to keep clean and we have reports from our customers about significant savings in chemical bills.

A fibreglass or fibreglass liner is quite a durable and seamless solution. To rejuvenate  either surface,  with EPOTEC will save around 60 – 70 % of the cost of using the original surface system for the repairs and provide a surface with a great life expectancy.

Using fibreglass for resurfacing dictates that it has to be done by a well trained  professional company,  which means its (very) expensive.

We do not live that long to justify such expense.  Our experience tells us that Fibreglass pools are the easiest to prepare and apply our coating to.

Commercial pool operators, including council’s pools, use only smooth, hard, easy clean surfaces and that is where EPOTEC is the most successful, despite very demanding usage profiles.

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